Pyramiden is situated in the innerpart of Billefjorden. The city is named after the mountain (summit) nearby. In 1927 the Swedish government sold the city to the USSR. In 1930 Trust Arcticugol took over the mine. In the beginning there was little mining and after the second world war one started from scratch. The city was self supplied with meat,milk,eggs and even groceries! Here as in Barentsburg sport and culture lifewas very important.The oldest buildings are found in the main street (wood) most of the other buildings are build in brick. After the city was closed down in 1998 , nature took back parts of the city. Lately the Trust Arcticugol has started reparing a few of the buildings so on the guided tour in the settlement one visits the culture house as well as the Tulip hotel. We stay for two hours , before proceeding to the Nordenskiöldglacier.

If you want to stay a couple of days to explore the surroundings please contact us for further information, remember to bring your own supplies there are no shops!!

Please be aware that we are not able to reach the harbour in Pyramiden due to iceconditions in the beginning of the season, this is no reason for refund.

We are visiting Pyramiden on monday, wednesday and saturday.

Pick-up starts at 08:30 in Nybyen, we will be leaving the harbour at 09:00.

Price adult Nok 1600, senior Nok 1300, child 2-6 Nok 350 child 6-15 Nok 650



Oversiktsbilde Pyramiden (2col)

Trehus Pyramiden (2col)Pyramiden (2col)